Travel through the Grand Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, here you will experience the scenic view of the country and canals along the way. A place of fascinating stories and art of all time in this city. It was the first time i did to travel in this place, i arrived in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol midway time that is why i decided to eat my lunch inside the food court. I tried Biefstukschotel for lunch and coffee; it’s kinda sweet barbecue with a little bit of mixed spices in it.

At Gothenburg Airport going to Amsterdam via KLM.
Midway meal at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

After a couple of hours i decided to book a car going to my hotel. The car is awesome a semi electronic powered Mercedes-Benz sedan with perfect functionalities and voice commands. I traveled for almost 45 minutes going to Radisson Blu Hotel in Amsterdam. Got an issues with my American Express Card so i prefer you to bring your MasterCard or Visa instead of AMEX if you are traveling in Schengen countries”.

My room at Radisson Blue Hotel, Amsterdam.
Comfy place to stay for days.

Back to my hotel, the room is great, my closet is good and the food is perfect as well. I’ve got a plenty of drinks inside the fridge and candies too.

Radisson Blu Hotel in Amsterdam.

My morning breakfast a combination of beans, tuna, egg, sausages and bread. Also i tried some of the foods that they have across the streets; the name the restaurant and bar is quite enticing, i tried some of the meals that they have for my dinner at La Paella. Guess what? I am the only one customer on that moment.

I strolled around the city after a day of work to visit some of the things around the grand canal. Bookshops, souvenir items, classical shops for entertainment and the most heard red-light district. The place is full of entertainment, food corners and coffee shops which i like the most.

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