StrEAT Feast 2019 Down Town, Abu Dhabi

A time for foodies along downtown street of Abu Dhabi, wherein you will witness the different street foods around the world. This years theme is StrEAT Feast 2019 Down Town Moments food festivities starting from food and cooking show competitions, showcase of different street foods, lightning event and musical instruments and so much more to enjoy.

Culinary Shows

Will being a pinoy first things first we tried the one and only taho sa Shokudo kiosk, madamo nga mga pinoy ang naga pila for them to try the taho and tokiyaki. I tried tokiyaki many times when i was in Manila but this time they added some twist, a bit creamy and you will taste the squidy thing in your mouth. The taho is too much sweet for me, haha i started to avoid the sugary thing na already.

Shokudo Takoyaki
Must Try

Chicken barbecue and other tuhog-tuhog a normal pinoy street foods where here, arabic tea which i like the most and many more.

A twist for tonight “Dinner is Coming”

As usual, we bought some Indian street foods for our dinner and the perfect karak chai for the evening.

Careful too much hot

We got some free foods and drinks too. See you next StrEAT Feast 2020.

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