Spicy Thai Khao Phat & Fried Noodles in Dubai Global Village

It was a perfect day today because today is our #FamBamday! Aside from that nagahilapit na ang National Day of United Arab Emirates wherein you will be able to witness the most prestigious event of the year from the different historical places exhibits, awesome foods, air show and many many more.

We did the whole day lakwatsa from Abu Dhabi to Dubai roadtrip, foodtrip and photo-ops.

Fried Spicy Noodles

Just dropping by to try one of the Thai foods along the busy streets. Syempre nag request guid kung mahimo ang spicy na flavor.

Gintilawan ini namon ang fried noodles kag Khao Phat, manamit nga makahang-kahang. May ara siya sabor nga daw may gin mixed na herbs and other seasonings which is good sa panlasa.

Khao Phat

Ang Khao Phat fried rice may ginasahog sila na seafoods, shrimp paste, squid and some with vegetables.

We tried also to visit some historical places like the old Dubai, there you will witness the starting point of the early people living in Dubai.

And also other places must to visit if you are here in the beautiful city.

Kag madamo pa! 🙂

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