Adventure in Saarloius, Germany

It’s been a while since i went outside the country to visit the different places across. When i was working as a Manager in one of the biggest market research company, i have a chance to travel and do some things like trainings, research & development and so on.

Morning breakfast at Manila International Airport before boarding to Etihad Airways.

In mid of December 2015, i visited Germany and arrived at Frankfurt early in the morning after a long connecting flight from Manila to Abu Dhabi then Frankfurt. I was able to met my schoolmate in high school with her family in Franfurt too; do some ‘hi hellos’ and tried some morning breakfast at the airport.

Frankfurt International Airport, with my friend.

Frankfurt is known as one of the best city with awesome scenery in the country. I meet an old guy in the ticketing outlet going to Saarloius. Since this is my first time i don’t know the exact direction and how to’s from there so i ask this old guy if he could help me how to purchase the tickets and some instructions because it was written in German language.

Starbucks, Wiesbaden. From right – an old guy smoking outside the store.

Approximately 3 hours traveling from Frankfurt to the West by train, we stopped in Wiesbaden as far as i remember and drink coffee at Starbucks. Thanks to the old guy for a cup of coffee, the winter is coming!

My crib for days in Saarloius, Germany.

Going to the western part of the country you will see the different old houses and awesome architectures, the people are singing inside the bullet train, doing some chitchats and it seems that they were always happy. Bike lines was great and few food shops everywhere. People tend to walk and ride using bicycles.

I stayed in Altes Pfarrhaus Beaumarais place, which is quite relaxing and simple. They have a nice buffet every day, first time tried sweets, local cream and bread. After office hour we went to different restaurant and historical places in the city. Tasted the best beer, wine and original sausages ever!

Breakfast at Altes Pfarrhaus Beaumarais.
Near public plaza, in front of a Church.
Burger King along the streets.
Best street food sausages ever.
Roof-deck in our office in Germany.

The place is perfect for dinner, a friend Frank and Gabriel invited me to visit an old restaurant then we bought some souvenirs in a gift shop.

After dinner with Gabriel.

Until next time Saarloius.

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