A weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden

One of the most geographical and cultural region in Europe located in Nordic, Northern Atlantic. There are 5 countries in it, one is Sweden.

Freezing outside, grab a cup of tea and sandwich. (Lufthansa Airlines)

I arrived early in Frankfurt International Airport, fixed my things, hand-in my boarding pass and got to go going Sweden by air via Lufthansa Airline. The flight takes 2 hours to sip a cup of tea and sleep. When i arrived at the airport i re-booked immediately my accommodation from Stockholm to Gothenburg, because i found out lately that my hotel is in the other state.

Arrived late afternoon in Hotel Flora, Gothenburg.
Early morning breakfast, in Hotel Flora, Gothenburg.

Hotel Flora my accommodation is very near in our office in Gothenburg west coast of Sweden, a walking distance behind. During that time, the winter is fast approaching near 0 degrees according to the taxi driver. He is a good person he tells me about the city, the weather and places to visit with during free time. I am very tired for the whole day trip, ordered vegetables and wine for dinner then checked my emails before i sleep.

With my colleagues, Claes and Robert.

The next day i went early to office to meet my colleagues. A very busy day for trainings and brainstorming activities. Every midway we go out for lunch then visit some cool places for souvenir shops. Bought chocolates from the chocolate house, visited viewing deck for “tambay”, and roaming around the city after office hours.

We went to Gothia Towers for a fine dining with colleagues; food, beverages, dancing and singing for the whole night.

Twas a perfect day.

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